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Young R.E., Burgess L.A., Roper C.F.E., Sweeney M.J. & Stephen S.J. (1998) Classification of the Enoploteuthidae, Pyroteuthidae, and Ancistrocheiridae. Pp. 239-255, in: Voss N.A., M. Vecchione, R.B. Toll & M.J. Sweeney, eds (1998) Systematics and biogeography of cephalopods. Smithsonian Contributions to Zoology 586: volume 1: 1-276; volume 2: 277-599.
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Abralia andamanica Goodrich, 1896 (basis of record)
Abralia armata (Quoy & Gaimard, 1832) (basis of record)
Abralia astrolineata S. S. Berry, 1914 (basis of record)
Abralia astrosticta S. S. Berry, 1909 (basis of record)
Abralia dubia (Adam, 1960) (basis of record)
Abralia fasciolata Tsuchiya, 1991 (basis of record)
Abralia grimpei Voss, 1959 (basis of record)
Abralia heminuchalis Burgess, 1992 (basis of record)
Abralia marisarabica Okutani, 1983 (basis of record)
Abralia multihamata Sasaki, 1929 (basis of record)
Abralia redfieldi Voss, 1955 (basis of record)
Abralia renschi Grimpe, 1931 (basis of record)
Abralia robsoni Grimpe, 1931 (basis of record)
Abralia siedleckyi Lipinski, 1983 (basis of record)
Abralia similis Okutani & Tsuchiya, 1987 (basis of record)
Abralia spaercki Grimpe, 1931 (basis of record)
Abralia steindachneri Weindl, 1914 (basis of record)
Abralia trigonura S. S. Berry, 1913 (basis of record)
Abralia veranyi (Rüppell, 1844) (additional source)
Abraliopsis Joubin, 1896 (taxonomy source)
Enoploteuthidae Pfeffer, 1900 (taxonomy source)
Enoploteuthis anapsis Roper, 1964 (basis of record)
Enoploteuthis chunii Ishikawa, 1914 (basis of record)
Enoploteuthis galaxias S. S. Berry, 1918 (basis of record)
Enoploteuthis higginsi Burgess, 1982 (basis of record)
Enoploteuthis jonesi Burgess, 1982 (basis of record)
Enoploteuthis leptura (Leach, 1817) (basis of record)
Enoploteuthis obliqua Burgess, 1982 (basis of record)
Enoploteuthis octolineata Burgess, 1982 (basis of record)
Enoploteuthis reticulata Rancurel, 1970 (basis of record)
Pyroteuthidae Pfeffer, 1912 (taxonomy source)
Pyroteuthis Hoyle, 1904 (taxonomy source)
Pyroteuthis addolux R. E. Young, 1972 (basis of record)
Pyroteuthis margaritifera (Rüppell, 1844) (additional source)
Pyroteuthis serrata Riddell, 1985 (basis of record)