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Clark, A. M.; Courtman-Stock, J. (1976). The echinoderms of southern Africa. Publ. No. 766. British Museum (Nat. Hist), London. 277 pp.
Clark, A. M.; Courtman-Stock, J.
The echinoderms of southern Africa
Publ. No. 766. British Museum (Nat. Hist), London. 277 pp
This is a key to the Echinoderms of South Africa (except the Holothurians). The area is limited to Capricorn (South-east) and to Walvis bay (South-west). After all the surveys done by H.L. Clark (1923) and Mortensen (1933a, of the Asterozoa), only a small number of new taxa have been discovered. The number of species included is ca. 280.
South Africa
Bathyal, Continental slope
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