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Desqueyroux-Faúndez, R. (1989). Demospongiae (Porifera) del litoral chileno antartico. Serie Cientifica INACH. 39: 97-158.
Desqueyroux-Faúndez, R.
Demospongiae (Porifera) del litoral chileno antartico
Serie Cientifica INACH
39: 97-158
Available for editors  PDF available
This report is based on a study of the material collected in the Chilean Antarctic Territory between 61º07'S; 55º03' W and 64º52'S; 62º51'W. 26 littoral and sublittoral species of Demospongiae have been studied. The composition of the Chilean Antarctic sponge fauna is analysed and compared with that of the subantarctic fauna.
Biodiversity, Taxonomic and ecological diversity
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Amphimedon paradisus Desqueyroux-Faúndez, 1989 (original description)
Artemisina apollinis (Ridley & Dendy, 1886) (additional source)
Artemisina plumosa Hentschel, 1914 (additional source)
Cinachyra antarctica (Carter, 1872) (additional source)
Cinachyra barbata Sollas, 1886 (additional source)
Dendrilla antarctica Topsent, 1905 (additional source)
Gellius rudis Topsent, 1901 accepted as Haliclona (Gellius) rudis (Topsent, 1901) (additional source)
Homaxinella balfourensis (Ridley & Dendy, 1886) (additional source)
Iophon unicornis Topsent, 1907 accepted as Iophon unicorne Topsent, 1907 (additional source)
Isodictya erinacea (Topsent, 1916) (additional source)
Isodictya kerguelenensis (Ridley & Dendy, 1886) (additional source)
Latrunculia apicalis Ridley & Dendy, 1886 represented as Latrunculia (Aciculatrunculia) apicalis Ridley & Dendy, 1886 (additional source)
Mycale acerata Kirkpatrick, 1907 represented as Mycale (Oxymycale) acerata Kirkpatrick, 1907 (additional source)
Mycale fibrosa Boury-Esnault & van Beveren, 1982 accepted as Mycale (Mycale) bouryesnaultae Van Soest, Aryasari & De Voogd, 2021 (additional source)
Myxilla mollis Ridley & Dendy, 1886 represented as Myxilla (Myxilla) mollis Ridley & Dendy, 1886 (additional source)
Ophlitaspongia membranacea Thiele, 1905 accepted as Clathria (Thalysias) membranacea (Thiele, 1905) (additional source)
Polymastia invaginata Kirkpatrick, 1907 (additional source)
Pseudanchinoe toxifera (Topsent, 1913) accepted as Clathria (Microciona) antarctica (Topsent, 1916) (additional source)
Pseudosuberites sulcatus (Thiele, 1905) (additional source)
Sphaerotylus antarcticus Kirkpatrick, 1907 (additional source)
Tedania charcoti Topsent, 1907 represented as Tedania (Tedaniopsis) charcoti Topsent, 1907 (additional source)
Tetilla leptoderma Sollas, 1886 accepted as Antarctotetilla leptoderma (Sollas, 1886) (additional source)

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