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Mironov, A. N. 1995. [Holasteroid echinoids. 2. The genus Pourtalesia]. Zoologicheskii Zhurnal 74, 59-75.
Mironov, A. N.
Holasteroid echinoids. 2. The genus Pourtalesia
Zoologicheskii Zhurnal
74: 59-75
Nine species of sea urchins of the genus Pourtalesia including a new species from the Antarctic are identified from the samples made by the Institute of Oceanology (Moscow). In addition to that, five species are not identified and seem to be new. P. laguncula beringiana is considered as a separate species. The analysis of literary data shows the incorrect identification of P. miranda from the northern Atlantic and P. tanneri from the northern Pacific. P. aff. alcocki is recorded from the northern Atlantic. Probably, Antarctic P. hispida occurs in this region. A key is given to the species of Pourtalesia.
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