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review suggestions: by Margaretha Breil

The article is not linked to the pertinent pages within the coastal wiki: it should be linked to: Hedonic Evaluation Approach Total Economic Value (8,188 bytes) Travel cost method (7,810 bytes) Economic assessment based on market values (713 bytes) Economic Value (8,082 bytes) Values of amenities in coastal zones (28,370 bytes)

on the other hand, the reference to the voice "environmental economics" of Wikipedia might be substituted with some more stable and scientifically sound sources (peer reviewed articles, as by PEARCE, de GROOT, etc.) as almost anybody can change the WIKIPedia pages.

Albeit the intuitive conclusion that cultural values count, neither methodolgies for eliciting these values, nor pracitcal consequences of respecting them in conservation strategies are hightlighted; some examples for their inclusion either in economic assessments or otherwise in the design of management strategies would be helpful.