Isopoda taxon details

Armadillidiidae Brandt, 1833

148639  (

Genus Alloschizidium Verhoeff, 1919
Genus Armadillidium Brandt, 1831
Genus Ballodillium Vandel, 1961
Genus Cristarmadillidium Arcangeli, 1935
Genus Cyphodillidium Verhoeff, 1939
Genus Echinarmadillidium Verhoeff, 1901
Genus Eleoniscus Racovitza, 1907
Genus Eluma Budde-Lund, 1885
Genus Estenarmadillidium Cifuentes, 2021
Genus Iberiarmadillidium Recuero, Rodríguez-Flores & García-París, 2021
Genus Paraschizidium Verhoeff, 1919
Genus Paxodillidium Schmalfuss, 1985
Genus Platanosphaera Strouhal, 1956
Genus Schizidium Verhoeff, 1901
Genus Trichodillidium Schmalfuss, 1989
Genus Troglarmadillidium Verhoeff, 1900
Genus Trogleluma Vandel, 1946
Genus Typhlarmadillidium Verhoeff, 1900

Genus Cretodillium Vandel, 1958 accepted as Schizidium Verhoeff, 1901 (junior synonym)
Genus Eluma Budde-Lund, 1879 (unaccepted > unavailable name, no characters, no included available species)
Genus Haloarmadillidium Arcangeli, 1929 accepted as Armadillidium Brandt, 1831
Genus Illyricosphaera Verhoeff, 1933 accepted as Paraschizidium Verhoeff, 1919 (unaccepted > junior subjective synonym)
Genus Nesolidium Verhoeff, 1942 accepted as Alloschizidium Verhoeff, 1919 (unaccepted > junior subjective synonym)
Genus Pareluma Omer-Cooper, 1923 accepted as Schizidium Verhoeff, 1901 (unaccepted > junior subjective synonym)
Genus Platanosphoera Strouhal, 1956 accepted as Platanosphaera Strouhal, 1956 (unaccepted > misspelling)
Genus Titanosphaera Verhoeff, 1933 accepted as Paraschizidium Verhoeff, 1919 (unaccepted > junior subjective synonym)
Genus Typhloschizidium Arcangeli, 1933 accepted as Alloschizidium Verhoeff, 1919 (unaccepted > junior subjective synonym)
marine, brackish, fresh, terrestrial
Not documented
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English woodlice  [details]
Swedish klotgråsuggor  [details]

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