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Review by François Hissel

General remarks

The article is written in good English and its topic is perfectly relevant to the Coastal Wiki. Risk is indeed usually seen as a major issue for coastal management because of the increased level of risk on those regions (storm surge, high winds, erosion). This article focusses on the terminology used in this context and tries to explain the difference between chance (or hazard) and risk. This is done in a very concise and illustrative way, with a good example to explain it.

The content is correct and up to date from a technical point of view. There are a number of good references at the end. It has adequate length and is easy to read for a wide public.


In the second section (risk and return period), the unit of risk as stated (money per year) may be a little simplistic. It should be said that this MAY be a good unit in some cases (material damages), and not that it is the unit of risk in a general way. For instance, damages to the environment are also a risk which can hardly be estimated in the same unit.


Although informative enough at this stage, the article could be improved in some ways: