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Developments in life science technologies are one of the key drivers of Marine Biotechnology research. Previous advances in molecular biology, genomics and -omics have contributed to Marine Biotechnology developments.

There are further challenges in developing and optimising an appropriate biotechnology toolbox for innovations using marine bioresources. These include tailored -omics techniques, in situ measurement, sampling and monitoring, improvements in the cultivation of microorganisms and the use of marine model organisms. An improved and well-adapted toolbox is expected to have a large impact on future progress in marine biotechnology.

The target research and innovation areas that can address key societal challenges are listed below:

Mb food.jpg
Food: Development of food products and ingredients of marine origin (algae, invertebrates, fish) with optimal nutritional properties for human health and with improved food security and safety prospects.
Mb energy.jpg
Energy: Development and demonstration of viable renewable energy products and processes, notably through the use of marine algae including seaweeds and microalgae.
Mb health.jpg
Human Health: Discovery of new molecules and development of novel medicines, nutraceuticals and personal care products.
Mb products.jpg
Industrial Products and Processes: Development of marine-derived molecules that can be used to establish green and new processes, including enzymes, biopolymers and biomaterials, and that can replace petrochemical products.
Mb environment.jpg
Environmental Health: Development of biotechnological approaches, mechanisms and applications to address key environmental issues including bioremediation, enhancement of waste water and integrated aquaculture systems that minimize the environmental impact of fish and shellfish farming.