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The Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE) is a qualifying body, a centre for the exchange of specialist knowledge, and a provider of resources to encourage innovation and excellence in the profession worldwide. The ICE was founded in 1818 by a small group of idealistic young men. They were granted a royal charter in 1828 where they declared that their aim was to "foster and promote the art and science of civil engineering". That is still the aim of the ICE today and they represent nearly 80,000 members worldwide.

History of the Conference

The Institution of Civil Engineers holds a variety of high quality engineering related conferences, lectures and events each year. One of ICE’s main flagship events is the Coastal Management Conference, currently held every four years at coastal locations across the UK. The first conference was held in 1989 in Bournemouth and subsequently became a series. Past conferences have been held at the following locations:

1992 - Blackpool 1995 - Bournemouth 1999 - Bristol 2003 - Brighton 2007 - Cardiff


The ICE Coastal Management Conference series is recognised for its focus on current issues, and its balance between research and practical application. The conferences provide a useful forum for forthright discussion, highlighting advances and solutions as well as identifying key areas of debate.

The conferences consist of approximately 70 authors presenting their papers over the two days of the conference. The call for papers is publicised well in advance to ensure that the highest quality abstracts and papers are written and presented. Papers are presented on a range of topics including coastal planning, design, management, renewable energy, climate change, policy, funding, infrastructure and general coastal engineering.

The organising committee comprises of a number of UK coastal management experts, with a variety of expertise, and are involved in each planning stage of the conference. They are responsible for reviewing and selecting the submitted abstracts to be presented as papers at the conference. The technical committee are experts from across the globe who are responsible for providing feedback to authors on their draft papers. They offer advice to authors to aid them in making their papers high quality, informative, and of course interesting.

The conferences are attended by a wide range of professional including; coastal and estuary managers, marine engineers, hydraulic engineers, consulting engineers specialising in coastal management, contractors specialising in coastal management and marines, owners/developers of marine energy systems, operators of marine facilities, architecture planning and design personnel, coastal defence mangers, coastal management computer software and modelling technicians, environmental scientists, policy officers and managers, local authority policy managers, academics and students.

One main objective of the conferences is to bring together professionals from all aspects of coastal management to share knowledge and network with other individuals. Following the conference the papers are printed in the conference proceedings which are distributed to all delegates and available for purchase by the general public.

Most Recent Conference

The 7th conference in the series ‘Innovative Coastal Zone Management: Sustainable Engineering for a Dynamic Coast’ will be held in Belfast in November 2011. For more details on the topics and submitting an abstract please visit:

Other Related ICE Conferences

The Institution of Civil Engineers 9th Coasts, Marine Structures and Breakwaters Conference was held in Edinburgh in 2009. is a highly acclaimed and technically focused conference aimed at those involved with coastal structures and breakwaters. The next conference will be 2013, location TBC. Visit:

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