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National University of Ireland Galway (NUI Galway)

Thesaurus terms (5) : ; Higher education institutions; Marine biotechnology; Marine research; Research
University Road

Tel.: +353-(0)91-52 44 11
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Type: Education
Level: University

Persons (10)  Top | Institutes | Publications | Projects | Events | Datasets 
  • Canny, Nicholas, Vice President for Research
  • Dugon, Michel
  • Firth, Louise
  • Hartnett, Michael
  • Maxwell, Jamie
  • McCormack, Grace, University academic
  • O'Mahoney, Daniel, Director of Technology Transfer
  • Patching, John, Academic Staff Member
  • Stengel, Dagmar, Lecturer and PI
  • Vedel, Vincent

Associated to an institute part (16)
  • Allcock, Louise
  • Amui, Ann Margret
  • Arther, Wallace
  • Brown, Colin
  • Cave, Rachel
  • Fariñas Franco, Jose Maria
  • Grehan, Anthony
  • Guiry, Michael
  • Johnson, Mark
  • O'Higgins, Linda
  • Raine, Robin
  • Rhindi, Fabio
  • Siddhi, Joshi
  • Skeffington, M.
  • Sweetman, Roger
  • White, Martin

Person formerly associated with this organization

Child institutes (3)  Top | Persons | Publications | Projects | Events | Datasets 
  • National University of Ireland Galway; Ryan Institute (NUI Galway-NUIG-RI), more
  • National University of Ireland; Department of Botany (NUI Galway)
  • National University of Ireland; Department of Earth and Ocean Sciences (NUI Galway)

Publications (4)  Top | Persons | Institutes | Projects | Events | Datasets 
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  • Peer reviewed article Regnier, P. ; O'Kane, J. P. (2004). On the mixing processes in estuaries: the fractional freshwater method revisited. Estuaries 27(4): 571-582., more
  • Peer reviewed article Regnier, P.; O'Kane, J. P.; Steefel, C. I.; Vanderborght, J. P. (2002). Modeling complex multi-component reactive-transport systems: towards a simulation environment based on the concept of a Knowledge Base. Appl. Math. Modelling 26(9): 913-927., more
  • Van der Aa, P.; Vieira, C.; Guiry, M.D.R.; Verbruggen, H.; De Clerck, O. (2019). Supertree: Toward a comprehensive phylogeny for brown seaweeds (Phaeophyceae, Ochrophyta), in: Mees, J. et al. (Ed.) Book of abstracts – VLIZ Marine Science Day. Bredene, Belgium, 13 March 2019. VLIZ Special Publication, 83: pp. 148, more
  • Buckley, A.A.; O'Kane, J. P. (1992). A comparison of river plume models, in: Martin, J.M. et al. (Ed.) EROS 2000 (European River Ocean System) third workshop of the north-west Mediterranean Sea. Water Pollution Research Reports, 28: pp. 63-74, more

Projects (13)  Top | Persons | Institutes | Publications | Events | Datasets 
  • 4D4Life: Distributed Dynamic Diversity Databases for Life
  • BIOFUN: BIOdiversity and ecosystem FUNctioning in contrasting southern European deep-sea environments: from viruses to megafauna
  • CLAMER: Climate Change and Marine Ecosystem Research Results
  • CONSCIENCE: Concepts and Science for Coastal Erosion Management
  • EnAlgae: Energetic Algae
  • EUROGEL: EUROpean GELatinous zooplankton: Mechanisms behind jellyfish blooms and their ecological and socio-economic effects
  • HERMIONE: Hotspot Ecosystem Research and Man's Impact On European Seas
  • KILL●SPILL: Integrated Biotechnological Solutions for Combating Marine Oil Spills
  • NEPTUNA: Novel Extraction Processes for mulTiple high-value compoUNds from selected Algal source materials
  • OASIS: OceAnic Seamounts: an Integrated Study
  • PLASTOX: Direct and indirect ecotoxicological impacts of microplastics on marine organisms
  • PRO-SEA VEG: Profiling and Optimising chemical composition of red Sea Vegetables for enhanced bioactive yields
  • SFS: Sea for Society

Events (2)  Top | Persons | Institutes | Publications | Projects | Datasets 
  • 48th European Marine Biology Symposium
  • International Symposium on herring

Datasets (3)  Top | Persons | Institutes | Publications | Projects | Events 
  • Algaebase, more
  • Sea spiders (Arthropoda, Pycnogonida) from ten recent research expeditions to the Antarctic Peninsula, Scotia Arc and Weddell Sea - data
  • WoRMS checklist of Irish marine species, more

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