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  • |name=Jean Berlamont ...wave action. Consequently, such materials are normally kept in suspension by the waves until they settle in deep water. [[Flocculation cohesive sediment
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  • ...5-128.</ref>, where the cohesive properties of the clay fraction, enhanced by the properties of the organic matter, dominate the overall behaviour. Studi ...ates or flocs. This process is enhanced by slimes (EPS) and mucus produced by micro-benthos and bacteria (that feed on decaying organic matter).<br>
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  • The '''suspension capacity''' the maximum amount which can be carried by a turbulent flow and depends on the energetic balance between buoyancy and ...Analysis of flume data suggests that particles are also kept in suspension by additional turbulence generated in the wake of the particles, which respond
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  • ==Review by Jean Berlamont== More comprehensive information on the topic is provided by the articles [[Mud]] and [[Dynamics of mud transport]].
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  • an estuary are driven by gravity, through water-level gradients induced by tides, wind and river discharge and through density gradients. Momentum is ...friction and is expressed as a bed shear stress <math>\tau</math> divided by the hydraulic radius <math>R,</math>
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