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Caillaud, A., Fraga, S., Aligizaki, K., Mohammad-Noor, N., Nikolaidis, G. Moestrup, O., Diogène, J. 2009. Desarrollo de un ensayo celular para la detección de maitotoxinas en Gambierdiscus spp. Estudio comparativo entre cepas de distinctas procedencias. In Abstract book of the Reunião Ibérica sobre Fitoplâncton Tóxico e Biotoxinas, Lisbon, Portugal, pp. 87-95.
The antagonistic effect of compound SK & F 96 365 on the toxic effects produced by maitotoxin was applied to the detection of maitotoxin-type compounds in various extracts of Gambierdiscus sp. using neuroblastoma cell cultures (Neuro-2a). Maitotoxin-like compounds were detected compounds in all Gambierdiscus strains from the Canary Islands, Malaysia and Indonesia. The strain from Greece is the only in which the presence of maitotoxin-like compounds was not detected
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