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Repomucenus Whitley, 1931

270712  (urn:lsid:marinespecies.org:taxname:270712)

Species Repomucenus calcaratus (MacLeay, 1881)
Species Repomucenus huguenini (Bleeker, 1858)
Species Repomucenus olidus (Günther, 1873)
Species Repomucenus ornatipinnis (Regan, 1905)
Species Repomucenus virgis (Jordan & Fowler, 1903)

Species Repomucenus annulatus (Weber, 1913) accepted as Callionymus annulatus Weber, 1913
Species Repomucenus belcheri (Richardson, 1844) accepted as Callionymus belcheri Richardson, 1844 (unaccepted > junior objective synonym)
Species Repomucenus beniteguri (Jordan & Snyder, 1900) accepted as Callionymus beniteguri Jordan & Snyder, 1900
Species Repomucenus curvicornis (Valenciennes, 1837) accepted as Callionymus curvicornis Valenciennes, 1837
Species Repomucenus filamentosus (Valenciennes, 1837) accepted as Callionymus filamentosus Valenciennes, 1837
Species Repomucenus fluviatilis (Day, 1876) accepted as Callionymus fluviatilis Day, 1876
Species Repomucenus keeleyi (Fowler, 1941) accepted as Callionymus keeleyi Fowler, 1941
Species Repomucenus koreanus Nakabo, Jeon & Li, 1987 accepted as Callionymus koreanus (Nakabo, Jeon & Li, 1987)
Species Repomucenus leucobranchialis (Fowler, 1941) accepted as Callionymus leucobranchialis Fowler, 1941
Species Repomucenus leucopoecilus (Fricke & Lee, 1993) accepted as Callionymus leucopoecilus Fricke & Lee, 1993
Species Repomucenus limiceps (Ogilby, 1908) accepted as Callionymus limiceps Ogilby, 1908
Species Repomucenus lunatus (Temminck & Schlegel, 1845) accepted as Callionymus lunatus Temminck & Schlegel, 1845 (Reverted to original combination)
Species Repomucenus macdonaldi (Ogilby, 1911) accepted as Callionymus macdonaldi Ogilby, 1911 (Reverted to original combination)
Species Repomucenus melanopterus (Bleeker, 1850) accepted as Callionymus melanotopterus Bleeker, 1850 (misspelling)
Species Repomucenus meridionalis (Suwardji, 1965) accepted as Callionymus meridionalis Suwardji, 1965
Species Repomucenus octostigmatus (Fricke, 1981) accepted as Callionymus octostigmatus Fricke, 1981
Species Repomucenus planus (Ochiai, 1955) accepted as Callionymus planus Ochiai, 1955
Species Repomucenus richardsonii (Bleeker, 1854) accepted as Callionymus curvicornis Valenciennes, 1837
Species Repomucenus russelli (Johnson, 1976) accepted as Callionymus russelli Johnson, 1976
Species Repomucenus sagitta (Pallas, 1770) accepted as Callionymus sagitta Pallas, 1770
Species Repomucenus schaapi (Bleeker, 1852) accepted as Callionymus schaapii Bleeker, 1852 (misspelling)
Species Repomucenus schaapii (Bleeker, 1852) accepted as Callionymus schaapii Bleeker, 1852
Species Repomucenus sphinx (Fricke & Heckele, 1984) accepted as Callionymus sphinx Fricke & Heckele, 1984
Species Repomucenus sublaevis (McCulloch, 1926) accepted as Callionymus sublaevis McCulloch, 1926
Species Repomucenus valenciennei (Temminck & Schlegel, 1845) accepted as Callionymus valenciennei Temminck & Schlegel, 1845
marine, brackish, fresh, terrestrial
Not documented
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taxonomy source Fricke, R., Eschmeyer, W. N. & Van der Laan, R. (eds). (2022). ECoF. Eschmeyer's Catalog of Fishes: Genera, Species, References. <em>California Academy of Sciences. San Francisco.</em> Electronic version accessed dd mmm 2022., available online at http://researcharchive.calacademy.org/research/Ichthyology/catalog/fishcatmain.asp [details]   
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Japanese ネズッポ属  [details]