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Seguenziidae Verrill, 1884

23116  (urn:lsid:marinespecies.org:taxname:23116)

Subfamily Asthelysinae B. A. Marshall, 1991
Subfamily Davisianinae Egorova, 1972
Subfamily Guttulinae Goryachev, 1987
Subfamily Seguenziinae Verrill, 1884
  » Tribe Fluxinellini B. A. Marshall, 1991
    » Genus Ancistrobasis Dall, 1889
    » Genus Basilissa R. B. Watson, 1879
    » Genus Basilissopsis Dautzenberg & H. Fischer, 1897
    » Genus Calliobasis B. A. Marshall, 1983
    » Genus Fluxinella B. A. Marshall, 1983
    » Genus Thelyssa F. M. Bayer, 1971
    » Genus Visayaseguenzia Poppe, Tagaro & H. Dekker, 2006
    » Genus Fluxiella Okutani, 1968 accepted as Fluxinella B. A. Marshall, 1983 (not available under ICZN Art. 13.4)
  » Tribe Seguenziini Verrill, 1884
    » Genus Carenzia Quinn, 1983
    » Genus Hadroconus Quinn, 1987
    » Genus Halystes B. A. Marshall, 1988
    » Genus Halystina B. A. Marshall, 1991
    » Genus Quinnia B. A. Marshall, 1988
    » Genus Rotellenzia Quinn, 1987
    » Genus Seguenzia Jeffreys, 1876
    » Genus Seguenziopsis B. A. Marshall, 1983
    » Genus Seguenziella B. A. Marshall, 1983 accepted as Quinnia B. A. Marshall, 1988 (invalid: junior homonym of Seguenziella Neviani, 1901; Quinnia is a replacement name)

Subfamily Oligomeriinae Egorov, 2000 accepted as Davisianinae Egorova, 1972
Subfamily Putillinae F. Nordsieck, 1972 accepted as Davisianinae Egorova, 1972

Subfamily [unassigned] Seguenziidae (temporary name)
  » Genus Bathymargarites Warén & Bouchet, 1989
  » Genus Seguenziidae incertae sedis (temporary name)
Not documented
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 Present  Inaccurate  Introduced: alien  Containing type locality 
Japanese ホウシュエビス科  [details]