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Tropiometridae AH Clark, 1908

196176  (urn:lsid:marinespecies.org:taxname:196176)

marine, brackish, fresh, terrestrial
Clark, A. H. (1908). New genera of unstalked crinoids. <em>Proceedings of the Biological Society of Washington.</em> 21:125-136. [details]   
Messing, C.; Gondim, A.I.; Taylor, K. (2023). World List of Crinoidea. Tropiometridae AH Clark, 1908. Accessed through: World Register of Marine Species at: https://www.marinespecies.org/aphia.php?p=taxdetails&id=196176 on 2023-05-29
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original description Clark, A. H. (1908). New genera of unstalked crinoids. <em>Proceedings of the Biological Society of Washington.</em> 21:125-136. [details]   

basis of record Hess H, Messing CG (2011) Comatulida. In: Hess H, Messing CG, Ausich WI. Treatise on Invertebrate Paleontology, Part T, Echinodermata 2 Revised, Crinoidea, vol. 3. University of Kansas Press, Lawrence, Kansas, pp. 70–146. [details]   

additional source Clark, A. H. (1947) A monograph of the existing crinoids. 1(4b). <i>Bulletin of the United States National Museum</i> 82:1-473, 43 pls. [details]   

additional source Clark, A. M.; Rowe, F. W. E. (1971). Monograph of shallow-water indo-west Pacific Echinoderms. <em>Trustees of the British Museum (Natural History).</em> London. x + 238 p. + 30 pls., available online at http://www.abctaxa.be/downloads/additional-information-volume-1/works-famous-holothuroid-workers/fwe-rowe/MonographIndoWestPacific.pdf [details]   

additional source Rowe, F. W. E.; Gates, J. (1995). Echinodermata. <em>In ‘Zoological Catalogue of Australia'.</em> 33 (Ed A. Wells.) pp xiii + 510 (CSIRO Australia, Melbourne). [details]   
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Diagnosis A family of Tropiometroidea with centrodorsal large, thick discoidal to low columnar with large, flattened, cirrus-free aboral area; cirrus sockets large, without distinct ornament, arranged irregularly but tending to form 15 or 20 columns; cirri stout, without aboral spines; cirrals 20-40, generally wider than long; no aboral star; rod-shaped basals not united around center, tapering and rarely exposed on surface; radial articular facet steep and wide; adoral muscle fossae large, wide; radial cavity wide; no central plug; brachials wider than high; 10 arms only; synarthry between Ibr1 and br22 and between br1 and br2. Syzygy between br3 and br4; pinnules without distinct ambulacral covering plates.  [details]
Japanese オオウミシダ科  [details]