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Menestho Møller, 1842

138409  (urn:lsid:marinespecies.org:taxname:138409)

Species Menestho acuminata Preston, 1908
Species Menestho aequatorialis Thiele, 1925
Species Menestho akkeshiensis Habe, 1958
Species Menestho albula (Fabricius, 1780)
Species Menestho beaglensis Di Luca, Güller & Zelaya, 2021
Species Menestho beermanae De Jong & Coomans, 1988
Species Menestho chilensis (Dall & Bartsch, 1909)
Species Menestho cingulitissima Nomura, 1937
Species Menestho exaratissima (Dall & Bartsch, 1906)
Species Menestho glabritesta Nomura, 1936
Species Menestho hypocurta (Dall & Bartsch, 1909)
Species Menestho kesennumensis Nomura, 1938
Species Menestho kwantoensis Nomura, 1938
Species Menestho orientalis Thiele, 1925
Species Menestho patagonica Di Luca, Güller & Zelaya, 2021
Species Menestho schikovi Nekhaev, 2017
Species Menestho sexsulcata Nomura, 1936
Species Menestho shataii Nomura, 1936
Species Menestho suavis Nomura, 1936
Species Menestho truncatula Odhner, 1915

Species Menestho eburnea A. Adams, 1860 (taxon inquirendum)

Subgenus Menestho (Noemiamea) de Folin, 1886 accepted as Noemiamea de Folin, 1886
Species Menestho cingulittissima [sic] accepted as Menestho cingulitissima Nomura, 1937 (misspelling)
Species Menestho concinna A. Adams, 1860 accepted as Amathis concinna (A. Adams, 1860)
Species Menestho diaphana (Jeffreys, 1848) accepted as Ondina diaphana (Jeffreys, 1848)
Species Menestho divisa (J. Adams, 1797) accepted as Ondina divisa (J. Adams, 1797) (synonym)
Species Menestho dollfusi Locard, 1886 accepted as Euparthenia humboldti (Risso, 1826) (synonym)
Species Menestho exarata A. Adams, 1861 accepted as Menestho exaratissima (Dall & Bartsch, 1906) (non Carpenter, 1856)
Species Menestho humboldti (Risso, 1826) accepted as Euparthenia humboldti (Risso, 1826)
Species Menestho morseana Bartsch, 1909 accepted as Menestho albula (Fabricius, 1780) (synonym)
Species Menestho pellucida A. Adams, 1860 accepted as Amathis pellucida (A. Adams, 1860)
Species Menestho subula A. Adams, 1860 accepted as Amathis subula (A. Adams, 1860) (original combination)
Species Menestho tenuicula F. Nordsieck, 1972 accepted as Odostomia erjaveciana Brusina, 1869 accepted as Auristomia erjaveciana (Brusina, 1869)
marine, brackish
Not documented
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