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Phliantidae Stebbing, 1899

101402  (urn:lsid:marinespecies.org:taxname:101402)

Genus Gabophlias J.L. Barnard, 1972
Genus Iphinotus Stebbing, 1899
Genus Iphiplateia Stebbing, 1899
Genus Pariphinotus Kunkel, 1910
Genus Pereionotus Spence Bate & Westwood, 1861
  » Species Pereionotus alaniphlias (J.L. Barnard, 1970)
  » Species Pereionotus dieteri Coleman & Lowry, 2012
  » Species Pereionotus hartmuti Coleman & Lowry, 2012
  » Species Pereionotus hirayamai Coleman & Lowry, 2012
  » Species Pereionotus holmesi (Gurjanova, 1938)
  » Species Pereionotus japonicus (Tzvetkova, 1968)
  » Species Pereionotus natalensis (K.H. Barnard, 1940)
  » Species Pereionotus testudo (Montagu, 1808)
  » Species Pereionotus thomsoni (Stebbing, 1899)
    » Subspecies Pereionotus thomsoni japonicus (Hirayama, 1987) accepted as Pereionotus hirayamai Coleman & Lowry, 2012 (superseded original combination)
  » Species Pereionotus tinggiensis Feirulsha & Rahim, 2020
  » Species Pereionotus yongensis Coleman & Lowry, 2012
  » Species Pereionotus fuscum Grube, 1864 accepted as Pereionotus testudo (Montagu, 1808)
  » Species Pereionotus rissoanus Spence Bate, 1862 accepted as Pereionotus testudo (Montagu, 1808)
Genus Phlias Guérin, 1836
  » Species Phlias serratus Guerin, 1836 (nomen dubium)
  » Species Phlias rissoanus Spence Bate, 1862 accepted as Pereionotus testudo (Montagu, 1808) (junior subjective synonym)
Genus Quasimodia J.L. Barnard, 1969

Genus Heterophilias accepted as Heterophlias Shoemaker, 1933 (misspelling of Heterophlias Shoemaker, 1933)
  » Species Heterophilias lepas Hirayama, 1987 accepted as Pariphinotus lepas (Hirayama, 1987) (superseded original combination)
Genus Heterophlias Shoemaker, 1933 accepted as Pariphinotus Kunkel, 1910 (junior subjective synonym)
  » Species Heterophlias galapagoanus J.L. Barnard, 1979 accepted as Pariphinotus galapagoanus (J.L. Barnard, 1979) (superseded original combination)
  » Species Heterophlias seclusus Shoemaker, 1933 accepted as Pariphinotus seclusus (Shoemaker, 1933) (superseded original combination)
    » Subspecies Heterophlias seclusus escabrosa J.L. Barnard, 1962 accepted as Pariphinotus escabrosus (J.L. Barnard, 1962) (superseded original combination)
  » Species Heterophlias seticoxa Ortiz, 1976 accepted as Pariphinotus seticoxa (Ortiz, 1976) (superseded original combination)
Genus Perionotus Spence Bate & Westwood, 1861 accepted as Pereionotus Spence Bate & Westwood, 1861 (misspelling)
Genus Periphlias Pirlot, 1936 accepted as Ceina Della Valle, 1893
Genus Quasimodia Sheard, 1936 accepted as Quasimodia J.L. Barnard, 1969 (nomen nudum, without type species fixation; Article 13.3 of the Code)
Not documented
Distribution Widespread in both hemispheres.  
Distribution Widespread in both hemispheres. [details]
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Distribution Widespread in both hemispheres. [details]
Japanese ミノガサヨコエビ  [details]