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Poore, G. C. B. (2016). The names of the higher taxa of Crustacea Decapoda. Journal of Crustacean Biology. 36, 248-255.
10.1163/1937240X-00002415 [view]
Poore, G. C. B.
The names of the higher taxa of Crustacea Decapoda
Journal of Crustacean Biology
36, 248-255
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2016-04-15 11:49:01Z

Achelata (taxonomy source)
Amphionidacea accepted as Caridea (taxonomy source)
Amphionidea accepted as Caridea (taxonomy source)
Anomala (taxonomy source)
Anomocarida (taxonomy source)
Anomura (taxonomy source)
Astacidea (taxonomy source)
Astacura accepted as Astacidea (taxonomy source)
Axiidea (taxonomy source)
Brachyura (taxonomy source)
Callianassida accepted as Axiidea (taxonomy source)
Callianassidea accepted as Axiidea (taxonomy source)
Decapoda (taxonomy source)
Dendrobranchiata (taxonomy source)
Dromiacea accepted as Dromiidae De Haan, 1833 (taxonomy source)
Eryonidea accepted as Polychelida (taxonomy source)
Eukyphida accepted as Caridea (taxonomy source)
Eureptantia (taxonomy source)
Eurysternalia (taxonomy source)
Euzygida accepted as Stenopodidea (taxonomy source)
Fractosternalia (taxonomy source)
Gastralida (taxonomy source)
Gebiidea (taxonomy source)
Glypheidea (taxonomy source)
Glypheocarida accepted as Glypheidea (taxonomy source)
Herpochelida accepted as Astacidea (taxonomy source)
Heterochelida (taxonomy source)
Heterura (taxonomy source)
Homaridea accepted as Astacidea (taxonomy source)
Lineata (taxonomy source)
Loricata (taxonomy source)
Macrochelata (taxonomy source)
Macrura (taxonomy source)
Meiura (taxonomy source)
Natantia (taxonomy source)
Nectochelida (taxonomy source)
Nephropsidea accepted as Astacidea (taxonomy source)
Palinura (taxonomy source)
Penaeidea accepted as Dendrobranchiata (taxonomy source)
Phyllobranchiata (taxonomy source)
Pleocyemata (taxonomy source)
Polychelida (taxonomy source)
Proherpochelida (taxonomy source)
Reptantia (taxonomy source)
Scyllaridea (taxonomy source)
Stenopodidea (taxonomy source)
Sterropoda (taxonomy source)
Synaxidea (taxonomy source)
Thalassinidea (taxonomy source)
Thaumastochelida accepted as Nephropidae Dana, 1852 (taxonomy source)
Trichelida (taxonomy source)
Trichobranchiata (taxonomy source)