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Sikorski, Andrew V. 1994. [Malacoceros (Polychaeta, Spionidae) in the Arctic Ocean] (In Russian). Zoologicheskii Zhurnal 73(5): 21-35
Sikorski, A. V.
Malacoceros (Polychaeta, Spionidae) in the Arctic Ocean
In Russian). Zoologicheskii Zhurnal
73(5), 21-35
A revision of Malacoceros Quatrefages, 1843 of the Arctic Ocean is made basing on author's observations and the literary data. Author undertakes an attempt to review the present state of the problem. Diagnoses of Malacoceros Quatrefages, 1843 and three species known from the Arctic Ocean M. fuliginosus (Claparede, 1869), M. jirkovi Sikorski, 1992 and M. tetracerus (Schmarda, 1861) are given. M. ciliatus (Keferstein, 1863) and M. murmanica ((Zachs) apud Uschakov, 1948 are synonymized with M. tetracerus (Schmarda, 1861): M. deriugini (Uschakov, 1948) is assumed to be a junior synonym of M. fuliginosus (Claparede, 1869). M. vulgaris (Johnston, 1827) and M. fuliginosus (Claparede, 1869), probably, can be synonymized. Existence in the Northern Atlantic and maybe in the Norwegian Sea of a species still without name identified at present as M. vulgaris (Johnston, 1827) or M. girardi Quatrefages, 1843 is assumed. The conclusion about the absence of arctic and arcto-boreal components in the fauna of the genus is drawn. The author attempts to demonstrate impossibility of synonymization of M. girardi Quatrefages, 1843 with M. vulgaris (Johnston, 1827). A conclusion is draw, that the separation of taxa belonging to the group M. grex vulgaris requires the examination or mass material from the Northern Atlantic and the Norwegian Sea.
Arctic Basin in general
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