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Wilson, G. D. F.; W├Ągele, J.-W. (1994). Review of the family Janiridae (Crustacea : Isopoda : Asellota). Invertebrate Systematics. 8(3): 683-747.
10.1071/it9940683 [view]
Wilson, G. D. F.; Wägele, J.-W.
Review of the family Janiridae (Crustacea : Isopoda : Asellota)
Invertebrate Systematics
8(3): 683-747
The family Janiridae is reviewed, primarily using the published literature, as a step for revising the systematics of the Asellota. The history of janirid taxonomy is reviewed, and all taxa that have been attributed to the family are listed and discussed. A new composition for the family is provided with synonymies and references to all genera. The genera included in the Janiridae are: Austrofilius Hodgson, Caecianiropsis Menzies & Petit, Caecijaera Menzies, Carpias Richardson, Ectias Richardson, Hawaianira Miller, Heterias Richardson, Iais Bovallius, Ianiropsis Sars, Iathrippa Bovallius, Jaera Leach, Janaira Moreira & Pires, Janira Leach, Janiralata Menzies, Janthura Wolff, Mackinia Matsumoto, Microjaera Bocquet & Levi, Microjanira Schiecke & Fresi, Neojaera Nordenstam, Protocharon Chappuis, Delamare-Deboutteville & Paulian. A key is provided for identification of genera belonging to the Janiridae and related families. Generic compositions are revised where necessary, and diagnoses, lists of species and most references are provided for each genus discussed. The composition of the Microparasellidae is discussed and a provisional diagnosis is given. The Microparasellidae is limited to the following genera: Angeliera Chappuis & Delamare, Microcharon Karaman, Microparasellus Karaman, Paracharon Coineau. Some genera are excluded from the Janiridae and temporarily left as family incertae sedis: Tole Ortmann (= Iolella Richardson), Jaerella Richardson, Rhacura Richardson, Trichopleon Beddard, Xostylus Menzies.
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