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RAMS Nematoda

Number of taxa: 785
Number of species: 455
Number of accepted species: 375

Taxonomic Editor:

Prof Ann Vanreusel, Marine Biology Laboratory, University of Gent, Belgium
email: ann dot vanreusel at ugent dot be

The data presented here are extracted from NeMys, a database system developed to store a variety of types of biological information on mainly marine taxa in a fully digital way. The concept of storing data on morphology, biogeography, taxonomy, literature, pictures, collections and molecular analyses in one dataset, creates a large group of possible end users and makes it possible to analyse and compare data on a taxonomic group from different points of view.

The database was developed at the Marine Biology Section (Ghent University) mainly with focus on marine Nematoda and Mysida. Data input is done at the Marine Biology Section (Ghent University). Information on species worldwide is entered, but to a certain extent, priorities for data logging follow from the activities of the section - which includes Antarctic Research.

It is intended that this register will be kept synchronous with the list hosted in Ghent, and will provide the most up to date information on the marine diversity of Nematoda of Antarctica.

If you use the lists, please cite:

Vanreusel, A. & M. Vincx (2003). Nematoda of the world, an interactive database. Available on line on http://nemys.ugent.be/index.asp. Consulted on [date]
Please also acknowledge the SCAR-MarBIN portal:
Vanreusel A, De Broyer C, Clarke A, Koubbi P, Pakhomov E, Scott F, Vanden Berghe W and Danis B (Editors). The SCAR-MarBIN Register of Antarctic Marine Species (RAMS): Nematoda, [date accessed]. World Wide Web electronic publication. Available online at http://www.marinespecies.org/rams/
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