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RAMS Echinoidea

Number of taxa: 183
Number of species: 96
Number of accepted species: 80

Taxonomic Editor:

Prof Bruno David, Université de Bourgogne, Dijon, France
email: bruno dot david at u-bourgogne dot fr
homepage: http://www.u-bourgogne.fr/BIOGEOSCIENCE/DavidCVHT.html

The Echinoids in RAMS are derived from a database 'Antarctic Echinoids: an interactive database', compiled by Thérèse Chone, Bruno David and A. Festeau from the Université de Bourgogne, France, and Chantal de Ridder from the Université Libre de Bruxelles. This information was combined with the information from a provisional list by Andrew Clarke and Nadine Johnston, and uploaded in the database maintained for SCAR-MarBIN at VLIZ.

The video below has been prepared using the distribution data from the Antarctic Echinoids database, downloaded from the SCAR-MarBIN website. It was prepared by Huw Griffiths (British Antarctic Survey) using GIS software.

The original echinoid database has been published as a freely-distributed CD, which is available upon simple request to Dr Bruno David (bruno dot david at u-bourgogne dot fr) or Ms Thérèse Choné (therese dot chone at u-bourgogne dot fr); this database, and the resulting checklist presented here, should be cited as follows:

David, B, Choné T, Festeau A, De Ridder C (2004). Antarctic Echinoids, an Interactive Database. Editions Universitaires Dijon. Cd Rom.
Please also acknowledge the SCAR-MarBIN portal:
David B, De Broyer C, Clarke A, Koubbi P, Pakhomov E, Scott F, Vanden Berghe W and Danis B (Editors). The SCAR-MarBIN Register of Antarctic Marine Species (RAMS): Asteroidea, [date accessed]. World Wide Web electronic publication. Available online at http://www.marinespecies.org/rams/
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