RAMS distribution details

Prydz Bay  (Bay)  
Lowry J.K. & Stoddart H.E. (2002c). The lysianassoid amphipod genera Lepidepecreoides and Lepidepecreum in southern waters (Crustacea: Lysianassidae: Tryphosinae). Records of the Australian Museum., 54, 3, pp. 335-364.   [details]
Amery Depression, 68°59.20’S 74°59.56’E, 746 m (gear: Van Veen grab); Aurora Australis, sta. AA93-37, MacRobertson Shelf, 66°55.51’S 62°32.72’E to 66°55.33’S 62°32.16’E, 113 m (gear: epibenthic sled); sta. AA93-124, Fram Bank, 67°05.03’S 68°58.80’E to 67°05.24’S 68°58.51’E, 204-216 m (gear: epibenthic sled); sta. AA93-131, Amery Depression, 68°04.36’S 72°17.81’E to 68°04.44’S 72°18.11’E, 765 m (gear: epibenthic sled); sta. AA93-151, Amery Depression, 68°26.47’S 72°17.81’E to 68°54.82’S 73°37.53’E, 765 m (gear: epibenthic sled); sta. AA93-154, off the Larsemann Hills, 68°54.88’S 76°37.03’E to 68°54.82’S 76°37.71’E, 667-716 m (gear: epibenthic sled)
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