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Weddell Sea  (Natural Reserve)  
De Broyer C. & Klages M. (1991). A new Epimeria (Crustacea, Amphipoda, Paramphithoidae) from the Weddell Sea. Antarctic Science, 3, 2, pp. 159-166;5 figs. Available for editors  PDF available  [details]
eastern and southern shelf: Polarstern ANT III/3: sta. 247, 73°09’S 20°32’W, 695 m (gear: bottom trawl); sta. 248, 73°10’S 20°27’W, 409 m (gear: bottom trawl); sta. 330, 72°26’S 17°38’W, 660 m (gear: Agassiz trawl); sta. 335, 72°28’S 17°35’W, 441 m (gear: Agassiz trawl); Polarstern ANT V/3: sta. 536, 72°50.4’S 19°36.8’W, 595 m (gear: bottom trawl); sta. 537, 73°05.6’S 20°14.4’W, 420 m (gear: bottom trawl); sta. 566, 73°16.5’S 21°04.5’W, 573 m (gear: Agassiz trawl); sta. 575, 72°49.6’S 19°26.7’W, 670 m (gear: RMT); sta. 580, 72°51.4’S 19°41.4’W, 710 m (gear: bottom trawl); Polarstern ANT VI/3: sta. 350, 74°24’S 37°1’W, 815 m (gear: large box corer); Polarstern ANT VII/4 (EPOS III): sta. 248, 74°39.9’S 29°31.3’W, 602 m (gear: bottom trawl); sta. 289, 71°12’S 13°27.9’W, 672 m (gear: Agassiz trawl); sta. 293, 71°05.6’S 12°46.6’W, 774 m (gear: RMT)
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