RAMS distribution details

Magellanic region  (General Region)  
Chiesa, I. L.; Alonso, G. M.; Zelaya, D. G. (2005). Species richness and faunistic affinities of the Gammaridae and Corophiidea (Amphipoda) from shallow waters of southern Tierra del Fuego, Argentina: preliminary results. <em>Scientia Marina.</em> 69(2): 167-174.   [details]
southern Tierra del Fuego, Ushuaia, 54°49’S 68°16’W;Isla Gable, 54°54’S 67°21’W, 15-20 m (gear: dredge); Punta Moat, 55°02’S 66°42’W, 15-25 m (gear: dredge); Cabo San Pio, 55°03’S 66°37’W, 30-35 m (gear: dredge); Bahia Slogget, 55°00’S 66°21’W, 15-27 m (gear: dredge); Bahia Aguirre, 54°54’S 65°57’W, 30-35 m (gear: dredge); Bahia Buen Suceso, 54°47’S 65°14’W, 12 m (gear: dredge);
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