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Weddell Sea  (Natural Reserve)  
Gutt, J.; Sirenko, B. I.; Arntz, W. E.; Smirnov, I. S.; De Broyer, C. (2000). Biodiversity of the Weddell Sea: Macrozoobenthic species (demersal fish included) sampled during the expedition ANT XIII/3 (EASIZ I) with RV "Polarstern". <em>Berichte zur Polarforschung.</em> 372: 1-103. Available for editors  PDF available (look up in IMIS)  [details]
Polarstern ANT XIII/3 (EASIZ I), sta. 06 AGT 01, Kapp Norvegia, 71°31.80’S 13°34.50’W, 254 m (gear: Agassiz trawl); sta. 24 AGT 06, Kapp Norvegia, 71°08.15’S 11°32.25’W, 123 m (gear: Agassiz trawl); sta. 32 DR 27, Kapp Norvegia, 70°28.90’S 08°15.10’W, 286 m (gear: small dredge); sta. 02 MG 28, Kapp Norvegia, 71°19.10’S 12°22.80’W, 159 m (gear: multibox corer); sta. 02 MG 29, Kapp Norvegia, 71°18.60’S 12°25.40’W, 181 m (gear: multibox corer); sta. 02 MG 30, Kapp Norvegia, 71°19.20’S 12°27.00’W, 253 m (gear: multibox corer); sta. 11 BT 04, South of Vestkapp, 73°22.60’S 21°10.60’W, 338 m (gear: bottom trawl)
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