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Classification of Coastlines

A classification of coastlines and a presentation of morphological features.

The general principles have been presented for the classification of coastal profiles. However, the type of coastal profile is not sufficient to characterise the coastal morphology or to evaluate the stability of the coastlines, as these conditions also depend on the longshore processes. The interaction between the longshore processes and the given coastal geology, sediment supply, etc., results in the formation of different types of coastlines and coastal features. Therefore, in order to be able to make an overall evaluation of a certain site in relation to shoreline management activities, it is also relevant to study the coastline features. This is done by dividing the coastlines into nearly straight sections and into special coastal features, such as deltas, barrier islands, sand spits, etc. The nearly straight coastlines are subdivided into categories dependent on the angle of incidence of the prevailing waves and dependent on wave exposure. The geomorphological processes associated with these physical strutures are also fundamental to the way in which the more dynamic habitats and ecosystems of coastal terrestrial areas and transitional waters develop.