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  • depth on how these programs operate at state and regional scales. These articles represent a fraction of the larger framework of government programs related .... In these situations the limitations on development that can be required by coastal management agencies to provide for construction setbacks, public ac
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  • ...bacterial loading. Historically, the ecology of the ponds has been altered by the stabilization of inlets, dredging of channels, the installation of indi ...phic area. They address the shortcomings of traditional sectoral planning by establishing boundaries based on the issues and coastal ecosystem rather th
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  • ...umerous coastal issues, many areas of US coastline continue to be degraded by population growth, overexploitation of natural resources and climate change *Identification of the authorities and methods by which the state will implement its policies and regulate identified land an
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  • ...y conservative, free market approach to coastal conservation—underpinned by the principle that taxpayers should not subsidize or bear the risk of devel ...ment Act (CBIA) amended the CBRA to include existing protected areas owned by the government, termed as ‘otherwise protected areas’ (OPA). This inclu
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  • ...Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary (CINMS) was established in 1980 by the US Congress to protect biodiversity, uniquely productive marine ecosyst ...cies, and dozens of marine algae and plant species It is also heavily used by commercial and recreational fishers, recreational boaters and divers, marit
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  • ...onal Fishery Management Councils to minimize adverse impacts to EFH caused by fishing activities. |AuthorName1= Olsen
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  • ...hat the program focus its efforts upon nutrient over-enrichment, pollution by toxics and the dwindling abundance of seagrasses. The program’s early dec ...egotiated the first Chesapeake Bay Agreement. This was a formal commitment by the states to participate in a regional decision making partnership, to com
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  • Addresses oil spill pollution by providing EPA and the Coast Guard with authority to prevent and respond to ...bodies by the federal government, and by complimentary legislation adopted by individual states, was based on the principle that any limitations to such
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  • ...). Twenty eight estuaries participate in the US NEP, which is administered by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Participating states must develo ...n. Estuaries included in the U.S. National Estuaries Program are nominated by individual states and use a holistic ecosystem-based approach to address wa
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  • *''Coastal Training Program(CTP):'' targets the needs of local decision-maker by offering information, skills building, lectures, and demonstration projects |AuthorName1= Olsen
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  • a total of 150,000 square miles marine waters. The resources protected by sanctuaries range from coral reef and kelp ecosystems to shipwrecks. Establ Guided by the Stratton Commission and motivated by the Santa Barbara oil spill, Congress passed several environmental laws in
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  • ...em comprises over 540 refuges and 37 wetland management districts. Managed by the [ US Fish and Wildlife Service] (FWS) within the De ...tion Act of 1966 brought together the numerous types of lands administered by the Department of the Interior into a single National Wildlife Refuge Syste
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  • ...tes Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) serves the Armed Forces and the Nation by providing vital engineering services and capabilities.]] The USACE is organized geographically by watershed boundaries. There are eight divisions in the US and 41 subordinat
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  • ...Sea Grant Office in NOAA provides administrative and programmatic support by developing national program initiatives, program monitoring and evaluation, * ''State-by-State''
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  • In 1990, Tampa Bay was designated an "estuary of national significance" by the US Congress, and joined the ranks of the [ Natio the watershed, and that number is expected to grow by nearly 20 percent by the year 2015.
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