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Burton, M. (1933). Report on a small collection of sponges from Stil Bay, S. Africa. Annals and Magazine of Natural History. 10 (11): 235-244.
Burton, M.
Report on a small collection of sponges from Stil Bay, S. Africa.
Annals and Magazine of Natural History
10 (11): 235-244
South Africa
Systematics, Taxonomy
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Adocia simplicissima Burton, 1933 accepted as Haliclona simplicissima (Burton, 1933) (original description)
Aplysilla rosea (Barrois, 1876) (misapplication)
Chondrosia reniformis Nardo, 1847 (misapplication)
Ciocalypta oculata var. maxima Hentschel, 1912 accepted as Amorphinopsis fenestrata (Ridley, 1884) (additional source)
Clathrina cerebrum (Haeckel, 1872) accepted as Borojevia cerebrum (Haeckel, 1872) (additional source)
Forcepia agglutinans Burton, 1933 represented as Forcepia (Forcepia) agglutinans Burton, 1933 (original description)
Geodia littoralis Stephens, 1915 (additional source)
Haliclona ciocalyptoides Burton, 1933 represented as Haliclona (Reniera) ciocalyptoides Burton, 1933 (original description)
Haliclona stilensis Burton, 1933 represented as Haliclona (Haliclona) stilensis Burton, 1933 (original description)
Heteropia glomerosa (Bowerbank, 1873) (additional source)
Hippospongia aruensis (Hentschel, 1912) accepted as Ircinia aruensis (Hentschel, 1912) (new combination reference)
Hippospongia frondosa Hentschel, 1912 accepted as Ircinia ramosa (Keller, 1889) (additional source)
Hircinia aruensis Hentschel, 1912 accepted as Ircinia aruensis (Hentschel, 1912) (additional source)
Leucosolenia cerebrum (Haeckel, 1870) accepted as Borojevia cerebrum (Haeckel, 1872) (misapplication)
Leucosolenia coriacea (Montagu, 1814) accepted as Clathrina coriacea (Montagu, 1814) (misapplication)
Lissodendoryx sinensis Brøndsted, 1929 accepted as Lissodendoryx (Lissodendoryx) ternatensis (Thiele, 1903) (additional source)
Oscarella lobularis (Schmidt, 1862) (misapplication)
Polymastia mammillaris (not Müller) accepted as Polymastia penicillus (Montagu, 1814) (misapplication)
Spongelia cinerea (Keller, 1889) accepted as Dysidea cinerea Keller, 1889 (additional source)
Spongelia fragilis (Montagu, 1814) accepted as Dysidea fragilis (Montagu, 1814) (misapplication)
Stelletta grubei accepted as Stelletta grubii Schmidt, 1862 (misapplication)
Stelletta grubii Schmidt, 1862 (misapplication)
Stelletta grubioides Burton, 1926 (additional source)
Suberites stilensis Burton, 1933 (original description)
Sycon ciliatum (Fabricius, 1780) (misapplication)
Sycon gelatinosum (Blainville, 1834) (additional source)
Sycon kerguelense Urban, 1908 (additional source)
Sycon munitum Jenkin, 1908 (additional source)
Tethya diploderma Schmidt, 1870 (misapplication)
Tethya lyncurium (Linnaeus, 1767) accepted as Tethya aurantium (Pallas, 1766) (misapplication)
Tetilla cranium (Müller, 1776) accepted as Craniella cranium (Müller, 1776) (misapplication)
Agulhas Bank for Adocia simplicissima Burton, 1933 
Agulhas Bank for Chondrosia reniformis Nardo, 1847  (inaccurate)
Agulhas Bank for Ciocalypta oculata var. maxima Hentschel, 1912 
Agulhas Bank for Forcepia agglutinans Burton, 1933 
Agulhas Bank for Geodia littoralis Stephens, 1915 
Agulhas Bank for Haliclona ciocalyptoides Burton, 1933 
Agulhas Bank for Haliclona stilensis Burton, 1933 
Agulhas Bank for Heteropia glomerosa (Bowerbank, 1873) 
Agulhas Bank for Hippospongia frondosa Hentschel, 1912  (inaccurate)
Agulhas Bank for Hircinia aruensis Hentschel, 1912 
Agulhas Bank for Leucosolenia cerebrum (Haeckel, 1870)  (inaccurate)
Agulhas Bank for Leucosolenia coriacea (Montagu, 1814)  (inaccurate)
Agulhas Bank for Lissodendoryx sinensis Brøndsted, 1929 
Agulhas Bank for Oscarella lobularis (Schmidt, 1862)  (inaccurate)
Agulhas Bank for Spongelia cinerea (Keller, 1889) 
Agulhas Bank for Spongelia fragilis (Montagu, 1814)  (inaccurate)
Agulhas Bank for Stelletta grubei  (inaccurate)
Agulhas Bank for Stelletta grubioides Burton, 1926 
Agulhas Bank for Suberites stilensis Burton, 1933 
Agulhas Bank for Sycon ciliatum (Fabricius, 1780)  (inaccurate)
Agulhas Bank for Sycon gelatinosum (Blainville, 1834) 
Agulhas Bank for Sycon kerguelense Urban, 1908 
Agulhas Bank for Sycon munitum Jenkin, 1908 
Agulhas Bank for Tethya diploderma Schmidt, 1870  (inaccurate)
Agulhas Bank for Tethya lyncurium (Linnaeus, 1767)  (inaccurate)
Agulhas Bank for Tetilla cranium (Müller, 1776)  (inaccurate)
South African Exclusive Economic Zone for Hippospongia aruensis (Hentschel, 1912)  (inaccurate)
South African Exclusive Economic Zone for Polymastia mammillaris (not Müller)  (inaccurate)
Holotype BMNH 1032.7.25.40, geounit Agulhas Bank, identified as Adocia simplicissima Burton, 1933
Holotype BMNH 1932.7.25.2, geounit Agulhas Bank, identified as Haliclona ciocalyptoides Burton, 1933
Holotype BMNH 1932.7.25.2, geounit Agulhas Bank, identified as Haliclona stilensis Burton, 1933
Holotype BMNH 1932.7.25.35, geounit Agulhas Bank, identified as Suberites stilensis Burton, 1933
Holotype BMNH 1932.7.25.39, geounit Agulhas Bank, identified as Forcepia agglutinans Burton, 1933

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