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Faune Profonde de Méditerranée

Added on: 2017-07-13 17:55:25 by Boury-Esnault, Nicole
Fourt, M.; Goujard, A.; Pérez, T.; Chevaldonné, P. (2017) Guide de la faune profonde de la mer Méditerranée. Explorations des roches et des canyons sous-marins des côtes françaises. Patrimoines naturels, 75: 1-184. Publications scientifiques du Museum national d'Histoire naturelle Paris

Amphidiscophora from the Clarion-Clipperton Fracture Zone

Added on: 2017-07-12 11:44:47 by Dohrmann, Martin
Kersken, D.; Janussen, D.; Martínez Arbizu, P. 2017. Deep-sea glass sponges (Hexactinellida) from polymetallic nodule fields in the Clarion-Clipperton Fracture Zone (CCFZ), northeastern Pacific: Part I – Amphidiscophora. Marine Biodiversity (in press) ...

Carnivorous sponges from the Arctic and Boreal North Atlantic

Added on: 2017-07-10 10:44:09 by Boury-Esnault, Nicole
Hestetun, J.T.; Tompkins-Macdonald, G.; Rapp, H.T. (2017). A review of carnivorous sponges (Porifera: Cladorhizidae) from the Boreal North Atlantic and Arctic. Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society, XX, 1-69. ...

New records of Haplosclerida from the Colombian Caribbean

Added on: 2017-07-07 09:27:00 by Boury-Esnault, Nicole
Silva, J.A.; Zea, S. (2017). New records of sponges of the genera Petrosia and Xestospongia (Demospongiae, Haplosclerida, Petrosiidae) from the Colombian Caribbean. Boletín de Investigaciones Marinas y Costeras, 46 (1): 113-136 ...

Welcome to Porifera news

Added on: 2010-11-12 11:07:10 by van Soest, Rob
Launching of a new feature of the World Porifera Database ! ...


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