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Redescription of Leucandrilla wasinensis and L. intermedia (Calcarea)

Added on 2019-04-03 13:07:19 by Klautau, Michelle
Cavalcanti, F.; Chagas, C.; Fonseca, E.S.M. (2019). Taxonomic redescription of Leucandrilla wasinensis (Jenkin, 1908) and L. intermedia (Row, 1909) (Porifera, Calcarea): a first step to improve current knowledge on the typical features of the genus. Zootaxa 4568 (1): 040–050
The genus Leucandrilla was proposed to allocate species of Leucandra sharing the presence of articulated skeleton and cortical tetractines with short apical actine. Hence, the taxonomic histories of both genera are closely related and spark discussions on the validity and characterisation of features that are typical of Leucandrilla. Nevertheless, since the proposition of this genus almost two decades ago, knowledge on its type species, Leucandrilla wasinensis, is based on the original description, which needs to be improved. Therefore, the main goal of the present work was to redescribe the holotype of L. wasinensis. Redescription of L. intermedia is also provided, evidencing the stability of diagnostic taxonomic features among species of Leucandrilla. Our results will improve the current knowledge on the features defining this genus and can be of great value for future works dealing with concerns on the validity, phylogeny and taxonomy of Leucandrilla.


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