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New species of Halichondrida from Brazil

Added on 2013-11-18 07:06:27 by Hooper, John
Lage, A.; De S. Carvalho, M.; Menegola, C. 2013. Two new species of Halichondrida (Demospongiae) and the first record of Phycopsis and Ciocalapata for Brazil. Zootaxa 3734 (2): 292–300
Two new species of the genera Phycopsis and Ciocalapata are described from the shallow waters off the Brazilian coast. This is the first record of Phycopsis in South Atlantic, with Phycopsis styloxeata sp. nov. being the only species of the genus that presents three categories of spicules: two of styles and one of oxeas. Ciocalapata, here represented by Ciocalapata minuspiculifera sp. nov., displays smaller oxeas and styles when compared to its congeneric C. amorphosa (Ridley & Dendy, 1886). The definition of this genus was modified and its geographical and bathymetric distributions now extend from the coast of Argentina to the northeastern coast of Brazil (state of Bahia) and from deep (1.097 m) to shallow (14–20 m)waters,respectively.

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