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Sarà collection of the Stazione Zoologica di Napoli catalogued

Added on 2013-02-11 17:20:08 by van Soest, Rob
Dr Flegra Bentivegna of the museum of the Stazione Zoologica di Napoli, Italy, kindly sent a list of all the specimens deposited there by the late Professor Michele Sarà, including 14 type specimens.
The list of sponges numbers 199 specimens. Each entry has the unique specimen number, the scientific name and authorname-year, identifier (M. Sarà), collecting date, locality data, and additional remarks. The type material includes Adocia venata, Oceanapia perforata, Siphonochalina expansa, Amphoriscus dohrni, Amphoriscus salfii, Leuconia dentata, Leuconia globosa (holotype + paratype), Corticium bowerbanki, Placinolopha moncharmonti, Polymastia inflata, Pseudotrachya oxystyla, Timea stellifasciata, and Halichondria involvens.

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