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WPD receives high praise in Species 2000/Catalogue of Life peer review of Global Species Databases

Added on 2012-07-20 20:36:42 by van Soest, Rob
Three anonymous reviewers invited by Species 2000/Catalogue of Life (CoL) to report on the status, quality and content of WORMS' World Porifera Database (WPD) under its 4D4Life Framework 7 program were unanimously positive. All three praised it as a valuable and necessary tool for sponge taxonomy and phylogeny. They recognized that no other sponge taxonomy resource is currently available that can compete with it in its unique comprehensiveness and global coverage. Suggestions were done to extend the WPD to include information on fossils and Phylocode taxa. As a result of the positive review the CoL Editors and the Species2000 Global Team decided to adopt the WPD for the next 5 years.
Some quotes from the peer review reports:
'.... WPD is the single reference database for two major projects. First, the Encyclopedia of Life ( uses WPD as the basis of classification for all Porifera. Second, the Porifera Tree of Life ( uses WPD as the basis of classfication and links genetic sequence information to sponge taxa using WPD terminology...'
'...I would definitely recommend that Catalogue of Life should adopt WoRMS Porifera (World Porifera Database) to provide Porifera for the next 5 years as it is the only database of its kind that is in use....'
'.... the WPD, with its associated metainformation also on environment and distribution, is a one-stop-shop for sponge taxonomy....'

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