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Polychaeta source details

Schüller, M. 2008. New polychaete species collected during the expeditions ANDEEP I, II, and III to the deep Atlantic sector of the Southern Ocean in the austral summers 2002 and 2005 - Ampharetidae, Opheliidae, and Scalibregmatidae. Zootaxa 1705: 51-68
Seven new species of polychaetes are presented from the Southern Ocean deep sea. The ampharetid species Anobothrus pseudoampharete sp.nov. is the third species of its genus reported for the Southern Ocean, the same applies to the scalibregmatid species Pseudoscalibregma papilia sp.nov. Five new opheliid species are described - two belong to the genus Ophelina Orsted, 1843, namely O. ammotrypanella sp.nov. and O. robusta sp.nov. The remaining three species, Ammotrypanella cirrosa sp.nov., A. mcintoshi sp.nov., and A. princessa sp.nov., belong to the formerly monospecific genus Ammotrypanella McIntosh, 1879. Based on these new findings the genus is revised, its type species A. arctica McIntosh, 1879 is redescribed.
2013-01-12 18:30:12Z
2013-10-25 11:42:51Z

Holotype ZMH P-24761, geounit South Sandwich Islands, identified as Pseudoscalibregma papilia Schüller, 2008
Paratype ZMH P-24762, geounit South Sandwich Islands, identified as Pseudoscalibregma papilia Schüller, 2008

Rediagnosis by Schüller (2008: 55): ''Body long and thin. Ventral groove along whole length of body. Prostomium ... [details]


Probably the result of a databasing lapsus. No species was described in Hartman (1978) as Asclerocheilus ... [details]


Imajima (2009) was apparently unaware of the redescription by Schüller (2008), who retained Ammotrypanella as valid. [details]