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Call for nominations for the WoRMS Steering Committee

Added on 2014-01-15 14:03:46 by Vendepitte, Leen
During the Steering Committee meeting of December 2012, it was decided that each year, a number of Steering Committee positions would be opened for new nominations. This provides both stability and a certain rotation in the membership.
We are hereby launching a call for nominations for SC members. Two positions are open for elections: the ones from Sabine Stöhr (editor of the Ophiuroidea) and Chad Walter (editor of Branchiura & Copepoda).
A complete overview of the current Steering Committee members is available on the website: http://www.marinespecies.org/about.php

For the nominations, the following rules and guidelines apply:

  • Each editor has 1 vote and can nominate another editor to be part of the SC
  • Self-nominations are accepted
  • Each candidate will need to list one or more tasks that he or she is willing to take up during the SC membership period
  • Elections are open to all editors, both taxonomic and thematic
  • The current SC members with vacant positions, can be re-elected
  • Any mandate within the SC will be for a period of 3 years
  • If there would be more nominations than available places, an election-round will be organized by the data management team

All nominations should be sent to info@marinespecies.org, before February 11th 2014.
If there would be any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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