Funding for contributing to the World Register of Marine Species

Added on 2008-07-24 14:33:28 by Mark Costello
Current and potential Taxonomic Editors are invited to submit short proposals to contribute to WoRMS.
Proposals (1-2 page) should including the following information:

  • Who leads and will do the work, including their contact details

  • What gaps in WoRMS it seeks to fill, and why these are important

  • What work is proposed, and what the deliverable(s) will be

  • When will it be conducted and completed

  • What is the budget, including contributions from other sources. Note any aspects of the proposal that contain any contingencies (e.g. matching funding, other support).


Applications should be for up to €5,000 and submitted by email to by 31st July 2008. Depending on the outcome of submissions, there may or may not be further calls for proposals.

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