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Cyphoniscellus tetraceratus (Buturovic, 1955)

1248598  (

marine, brackish, fresh, terrestrial
recent only
Not documented
Type locality contained in Macedonia  
type locality contained in Macedonia [from synonym] [view taxon] [details]
Boyko, C.B; Bruce, N.L.; Hadfield, K.A.; Merrin, K.L.; Ota, Y.; Poore, G.C.B.; Taiti, S.; Schotte, M. & Wilson, G.D.F. (Eds) (2008 onwards). World Marine, Freshwater and Terrestrial Isopod Crustaceans database. Cyphoniscellus tetraceratus (Buturovic, 1955). Accessed at: on 2018-06-24
2018-04-20 12:31:52Z

original description  (ofVardaroniscus tetraceratus Buturovic, 1955) Buturovic, A. (1955) Isopodes nouveaux (Isop. Terrestria) de Macedoine et Dalmatie. Acta Musei Macedonici Scientiarum Naturalium 3(5):145-157. [details]   

basis of record Schmalfuss, H. (2003). World catalog of terrestrial isopods (Isopoda: Oniscidea). Stuttgarter Beiträge zur Naturkunde. Serie A, 654: 1-341., available online at [details]   

basis of record  (ofVardaroniscus tetraceratus Buturovic, 1955) Schotte, M., B. F. Kensley, and S. Shilling. (1995-2017). World list of Marine, Freshwater and Terrestrial Crustacea Isopoda. National Museum of Natural History Smithsonian Institution: Washington D.C., USA [website archived on 2018-01-25]. [details]   

additional source  (ofVardaroniscus tetraceratus Buturovic, 1955) Tabacaru, I. (1993). Sur la classification des Trichoniscidae et la position systématique de Thaumatoniscellus orghidani Tabacaru, 1973. Travaux de l'Institut de Spéologie "Émile Racovitza". 32, 43-85. [details]   
 Present  Inaccurate  Introduced: alien  Containing type locality 


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