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Gouws, G. (2008). New species of Mesamphisopus, an endemic South African freshwater isopod genus (Isopoda: Phreatoicidea: Mesamphisopidae). Zootaxa. 1690: 1-62.
Gouws, G.
New species of Mesamphisopus, an endemic South African freshwater isopod genus (Isopoda: Phreatoicidea: Mesamphisopidae)
1690: 1-62
Family made monotypic by removal of Eophreatoicus
Isopoda of the suborder Phreatoicidea are represented in Africa by a single genus, Mesamphisopus, including four known species (M. abbreviatus, M. capensis, M. depressus and M. penicillatus). Six new species are described here, i.e. Mesamphisopus albidus n. sp., M. baccatus n. sp., M. kensleyi n. sp., M. paludosus n. sp., M. setosus n. sp., and M. tsitsikamma n. sp. These taxa are distinguished from each other and from the existing species using a combination of features of the antennae, mouthparts, pleopods, pleotelson and uropods, and by colouration and setation. The distinguishing features and presumed affinities of the species are presented and discussed. A dichotomous key to the species of the genus is also provided. With recent cladistic analyses suggesting that re-arrangements are necessary at the familial level, the removal of Eophreatoicus resulting in a monotypic Mesamphisopidae is considered.
Southern Africa
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Mesamphisopidae Nicholls, 1943 (source of synonymy)
Mesamphisopus Nicholls, 1943 (redescription)
Mesamphisopus albidus Gouws, 2008 (original description)
Mesamphisopus baccatus Gouws, 2008 (original description)
Mesamphisopus kensleyi Gouws, 2008 (original description)
Mesamphisopus paludosus Gouws, 2008 (original description)
Mesamphisopus setosus Gouws, 2008 (original description)
Mesamphisopus tsitsikamma Gouws, 2008 (original description)
Agulhas Plateau for Mesamphisopus paludosus Gouws, 2008 
Eastern Cape, Province of the for Mesamphisopus tsitsikamma Gouws, 2008 
Gordon's Bay for Mesamphisopus kensleyi Gouws, 2008 
Jonkershoek Staatsbos for Mesamphisopus setosus Gouws, 2008 
Western Cape for Mesamphisopus albidus Gouws, 2008 
Western Cape for Mesamphisopus baccatus Gouws, 2008 

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