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Species' Importance to Society

Species' Importance to Society:

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This collection includes the following 96 concepts: AbsentAbundanceAdverse habitat modificationAlienAlters bio-geochemical/hydrologic cyclesAlters trophic interactionsAquaculture: accidentalAquatic transportBio-control: accidental translocation with deliberate bio-control releaseBio-control: deliberate translocation as a bio-control agentBorder InterceptCITESCanals: natural range expansion through man-made canalsCommonCommon to dominantConsumes native species (predator or herbivore)Damage to marine structures or archaeologyDebris: transport of species on human generated debrisDetected in invasion pathwayDetected in the wildDominantEradicatedEradication unconfirmedEstablishedEstablished and expandingEstablished and stableExtirpatedFAO-ASFIS: Species for Fishery Statistics PurposesFisheries: accidental as baitFisheries: accidental with deliberate translocations of fish or shellfishFisheries: accidental with fishery products, packing or substrateFisheries: deliberate translocations of fish or shellfish to establish or support fisheryFluctuatingGenetic impacts: hybridisation and introgressionHabitats DirectiveHuman healthIUCN Red ListImpactIn captivity/cultivatedIndividual release: accidental release by individualsIndividual release: deliberate release by individualsInduces novel behavioural or eco-physiological responsesIntroduced Species CatalogIntroduced country and/or sea areaIntroduction unverifiedInvasiveInvasivenessInvasiveness Not specifiedInvasiveness UncertainLocally commonLocation TypeLoss of aquaculture/commercial/recreational harvest or gainLoss of public/tourist amenityMSFD IndicatorsManagement recordedMonocultureNativeNative - EndemicNative - Non-endemicNative country and/or native sea areaNatural dispersalNot invasiveOSPAR List of Threatened and/or Declining Species and HabitatsOccurrenceOccurrence Not specifiedOf concernOriginOrigin uncertainOrigin unknownOther impact - undefined or uncertainOutcompetes native species for resources and/or spacePathogen/parasite or carrier of a pathogen/parasitePathway/vector OtherPathway/vector UnknownPathways/vectorPlant introductions: accidental with deliberate plant translocationsPlant introductions: deliberate translocation of plant speciesPresent/controlledRareRare to commonRare to dominantRecorded in errorRecreational equipment: accidental with recreational equipmentReportedScientific research: accidental release with research activitiesScientific research: deliberate release with research activitiesSeaplanes: accidental as attached or free-living fouling organismsShips: accidental as attached or free-living fouling organismsShips: accidental associated with cargoShips: accidental with ballast water, sea water systems, live wells or other deck basinsShips: accidental with solid ballastShips: generalSometimes presentSource country and/or sea areaTraits:Pathways/vectorWater abstraction or nuisance fouling