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Drs Brandão, Simone-N., researcherid

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  • Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Norte; Departamento de Geologia; Laboratorio de Geologia e Geofisica Marinha e Monitoramento Ambiental (GGEMMA), more
  • Direct contact at institute:
  • WoRMS Steering Committee (SC), more

  • WoRMS Editorial Board (WoRMS editors), more
  • Function: Taxonomic editor


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    University of Hamburg; Zoological Institute und Zoological Museum; Zoological Museum Hamburg (ZMH), more

Taxonomic term: Ostracoda [WoRMS]

Simone is a post-doctoral researcher at the Laboratorio de Geologia e Geofisica Marinha e Monitoramento Ambiental-GGEMMA at the federal university of Rio Grande do Norte. Her main research interests are in biodiversity, macroecology, biogeography, systematics, morphology, genetics and morphometrics of Ostracoda. Over the years, she has participated in several international research projects (e.g. ANDEEP & DIVA) and she is a member of diverse national and international networks on Ostracoda. Additionally, she is an editor, ambassador and curation on widely achivieving international initiatives such as the Census of Marine Life (CoML), Census of the Diversity of Abyssal Marine Life (CeDAMar), the Encyclopedia of Life (EoL) and Scratchpads. Within WoRMS, she is the responsible editor for the Ostracoda and the World Ostracoda Database. She is also involved in the regional Antarctic Register and the thematic World Register of Deep-Sea Species.

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  • RAMS: The Register of Antarctic Marine Species, more
  • RAS: Register of Antarctic Species, more
  • Southern Ocean Ostracoda (except Halocypridina)
  • World Ostracoda Database, more

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    ( 10 peer reviewed ) split up
  • Peer reviewed article Brandao, S.; Sauer, J.; Schön, I. (2010). Circumantarctic distribution in Southern Ocean benthos? A genetic test using the genus Macroscapha (Crustacea, Ostracoda) as a model. Mol. Phylogenet. Evol. 55(3): 1055-1069.
  • Peer reviewed article Brandão, S.N. (2010). Macrocyprididae (Ostracoda) from the Southern Ocean: taxonomic revision, macroecological patterns, and biogeographical implications. Zool. J. Linn. Soc. 159(3): 567-672.
  • Peer reviewed article Brandão, S.N.; Yasuhara, M.; Irizuki , T.; Horne, D.J. (2013). The ostracod genus Trachyleberis (Crustacea; Ostracoda) and its type species. Mar. Biodiv. 43(4): 363-405.
  • Brandão, S.N.; Dingle, R.V. (2014). Benthic Ostracoda, in: De Broyer, C. et al. (Ed.) Biogeographic Atlas of the Southern Ocean. pp. 142-148
  • Peer reviewed article Brandao, S.N.; Paplow, O. (2011). New species and occurrences of Bradleya Benson, 1972, Harleya Jellinek & Swanson, 2003 and Poseidonamicus Benson, 1972 (Ostracoda: Cytheroidea) from the Atlantic Sector of the Southern Ocean. J. Micropalaeontol. 30: 141-166., more
  • Peer reviewed article Brandt, A; Havermans, C.; Janussen, D; Jorger, M; Meyer-Lobbecke, A; Schnurr, S; Schuller, M; Schwabe, E; Brandao, S.N.; Wurzberg, L (2014). Composition and abundance of epibenthic-sledge catches in the South Polar Front of the Atlantic. Deep-Sea Res., Part II, Top. Stud. Oceanogr. 108: 69-75.
  • Peer reviewed article Brandt, A.; Gooday, A.J.; Brandão, S.N.; Brix, S.; Brökeland, W.; Cedhagen, T.; Choudhury, M.; Cornelius, N.; Danis, B.; De Mesel, I.; Diaz, R.J.; Gillan, D.C.; Ebbe, B.; Howe, J.A.; Janussen, D.; Kaiser, S.; Linse, K.; Malyutina, M.; Pawlowski, J.; Raupach, M.; Vanreusel, A. (2007). First insights into the biodiversity and biogeography of the Southern Ocean deep sea. Nature (Lond.) 447(7142): 307-311.
  • Peer reviewed article Chavtur, V.G.; Brandão, S.N.; Bashmanov, A.G. (2012). New subgenus and new species of marine benthic ostracods of genus Doloria (Ostracoda; Myodocopina) from the Southern Ocean. Zootaxa 3356(3356): 1-46
  • Peer reviewed article Horton, T.; Gofas, S.; Kroh, A.; Poore, G.C.B.; Read, G.; Rosenberg, G.; Stöhr, S.; Bailly, N.; Boury-Esnault, N.; Brandão, S.N.; Costello, M.J.; Decock, W.; Dekeyzer, S.; Hernandez, F.; Mees, J.; Paulay, G.; Vandepitte, L.; Vanhoorne, B.; Vranken, S. (2017). Improving nomenclatural consistency: a decade of experience in the World Register of Marine Species. Eur. J. Taxon. 389: 1-24., more
  • Peer reviewed article Kaiser, S.; Griffiths, H.J.; Barnes, D.K.A.; Brandao, S.N.; Brandt, A.; O'Brien, P.E. (2011). Is there a distinct continental slope fauna in the Antarctic? Deep-Sea Res., Part II, Top. Stud. Oceanogr. 58(1-2): 91-104.
  • Peer reviewed article Kaiser, S.; Brandao, S.B.; Brix, S.; Barnes, D.K.A.; Bowden, D.A.; Ingels, J.; Leese, F.; Schiaparelli, S.; Arango, C.P.; Badhe, R.; Bax, N.; Blazewicz-Paszkowycz, M.; Brandt, A.; Brenke, N.; Catarino, A.I.; David, B.; De Ridder, C.; Dubois, P.; Ellingsen, K.E.; Glover, A.G.; Griffiths, H.J.; Gutt, J.; Halanych, K.M.; Havermans, C.; Held, C.; Janussen, D.; Lorz, A.N.; Pearce, D.A.; Pierrat, B.; Riehl, T.; Rose, A.; Sands, C.J.; Soler-Membrives, A.; Schuller, M.; Strugnell, J.M.; Vanreusel, A.; Veit-Kohler, G.; Wilson, N.G.; Yasuhara, M. (2013). Patterns, processes and vulnerability of Southern Ocean benthos: a decadal leap in knowledge and understanding. Mar. Biol. (Berl.) 160(9): 2295-2317.

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