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RAS: Register of Antarctic Species
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A checklist of Antarctic species, compiled by taxonomic experts and based on peer-reviewed literature. more

Antarcic biodiversity is endemic, and more diverse and biogeographically structued than previously thought. Interests in understanding species distribution, mechanisms driving spatial pattern of Antarctic species, as well as significance of underexplored taxons is rapidly growing. Human impacts, nevertheless, pose challenges to current and future understanding of Antarctic biodiversity and conservation.
Register of Antarctic Species (RAS) aims to provide an authorative and comprehensive list of names of marine and terrestrial species in Antarctica and the Southern Ocean. It serves as a reference guide for users to intepret taxonomic literature, as valid names and other names in use are both provided.
Taxonomic experts and database managers both contribute to the maintenance and development of RAS. The editorial management system of RAS works to ensure that quality information is presented, as an expert is responsible for each taxonomic group.
Information of marine taxons hosted on RAS is consistent with that in World Register of Marine Species, as information of terrestrial taxons grows on an independent process.
The RAS Editorial Board strives to maintain the website a comprehensive and up-to-date resource. Please contact us if you detect any error or omission. Authors are encouraged to send copies of publications to respective editors with details of new or revised nomenclature.

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Geographical coverage
PS, Antarctica [Marine Regions]

Temporal coverage
From 1758 on [In Progress]


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