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  • ...r form based on physical considerations and empirical constants determined by fitting to experimental data. ...mple of a well-known model based on the NLSW equations is AMAZON presented by Hu et al. (2000<ref>Hu, C.G. Mingham and D.M. Causon, 2000. Numerical simul
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  • ...present, a number of different wave energy concepts are being investigated by companies and academic research groups around the world. Although many work ...the air pressure within the housing introducing a bidirectional air flow. By placing a turbine on top of this chamber air will pass in and out of it wit
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  • ...stone size causes a low efficiency of the AR. Structure reshaping induced by wave breaking over the reef may occur and produce instability, with stones geotextile that are filled with sand or gravel. They are characterized by a length and diameter of 20 and 3 m respectively and are particularly recom
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  • This article is a summary of the report by Van der Meer et al. (2010)<ref name=VDM10>Van der Meer, J., Schrijver, R., ...bility not greater than 1/10,000 per year. In the 1990ties it was decided by law that all major water defences should be periodically assessed for safet
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  • ...ssues, species, or ecosystem services in isolation. EBM could be bolstered by tools such as [[Spatial planning|'''Marine Spatial Planning''']] (MSP) and ...ffshore wind farms and is required by two international legal instruments: Articles 7 and 8 of the '''Aarhus Convention''' and the Protocol on Strategic Enviro
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  • ...uropean Commission delivering a web-platform to promote Climate Adaptation by means of sharing information, best practices, assessment methodologies and ...efined by scientists; a parallelogram (violet) the output of the DSS. From Zanuttigh et al. (2014a).]]
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