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  • ...r form based on physical considerations and empirical constants determined by fitting to experimental data. ...mple of a well-known model based on the NLSW equations is AMAZON presented by Hu et al. (2000<ref>Hu, C.G. Mingham and D.M. Causon, 2000. Numerical simul
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  • ...present, a number of different wave energy concepts are being investigated by companies and academic research groups around the world. Although many work ...the air pressure within the housing introducing a bidirectional air flow. By placing a turbine on top of this chamber air will pass in and out of it wit
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  • This article is a summary of the report by Van der Meer et al. (2010)<ref name=VDM10>Van der Meer, J., Schrijver, R., ...bility not greater than 1/10,000 per year. In the 1990ties it was decided by law that all major water defences should be periodically assessed for safet
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