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Definition of Revetment:
A revetment is a facing of stone, concrete units or slabs, etc., built to protect a scarp, the foot of a cliff or a dune, a dike or a seawall against erosion by wave action, storm surge and currents. This definition is very similar to the definition of a seawall, however a revetment does not protect against flooding. Furthermore, a revetment is often a supplement to other types of protection such as seawalls and dikes.
This is the common definition for Revetment, other definitions can be discussed in the article

See also

  • Revetments: article on different types of revetments, characteristics and application in practice.
  • Seawalls and revetments: article on the effectiveness of seawalls and revetments to solve coastal engineering problems.
  • Light revetments built-in into artificial dunes: Experiences from Polen with the application of light revetments built-in into artificial dunes to complement soft shoreline protection solutions.

Further reading

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