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Mrs. Tonny Kusse, Heritage promoter, Arnemuiden

my father was a fisherman, my granfather was a fisherman, my brother is a fisherman and my husband is a fisherman. When I was young I worked in a mussles fabric, now I work as a volunteer in the fishing museum, we go to events and we promote Arnemuiden. We like to spend our time this way. It started small but then we were asked to help more. We go into schools and teach children how to repair nets and how to peel shrimp

In the picture, Tonny and her husband. Her active role in the promotion of traditional life in Arnemuiden makes her a greate example of women participation in cultural activities. This activity contributes to the definition of the fishing community of Arnemuiden, it provides a sense of belonging and helps to the maintenance of the new generations close to their roots.

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