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Diphasia Agassiz, 1862

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Sertularia rosacea Linnaeus, 1758 accepted as Diphasia rosacea (Linnaeus, 1758) (type by subsequent designation)
Diphasis (spelling mistake)
Nigellastrum Oken, 1815 (publication rejected for nomenclatural purposes by the ICZN , opinion 417)
Species Diphasia africana Gil & Ramil, 2017
Species Diphasia alata (Hincks, 1855)
Species Diphasia anaramosae Gil & Ramil, 2017
Species Diphasia attenuata (Hincks, 1866)
Species Diphasia cauloatheca Billard, 1920
Species Diphasia corniculata (Murray, 1860)
Species Diphasia cristata Billard, 1920
Species Diphasia delagei (Billard, 1912)
Species Diphasia densa (Stechow, 1923)
Species Diphasia digitalis (Busk, 1852)
Species Diphasia dubia Hargitt, 1927
Species Diphasia fallax (Johnston, 1847)
Species Diphasia heurteli Billard, 1924
Species Diphasia inornata Nutting, 1927
Species Diphasia leonisae Gil & Ramil, 2017
Species Diphasia margareta (Hassall, 1841)
Species Diphasia minuta Billard, 1920
Species Diphasia mutulata (Busk, 1852)
Species Diphasia nigra (Pallas, 1766)
Species Diphasia nuttingi Stechow, 1913
Species Diphasia orientalis Billard, 1920
Species Diphasia paarmani Nutting, 1904
Species Diphasia palmata Nutting, 1905
Species Diphasia rosacea (Linnaeus, 1758)
Species Diphasia saharica Gil & Ramil, 2017
Species Diphasia scalariformis Kirkpatrick, 1890
Species Diphasia subcarinata (Busk, 1852)
Species Diphasia tetraglochina Billard, 1907
Species Diphasia thornelyi Ritchie, 1909
Species Diphasia tropica Nutting, 1904
Species Diphasia varians Jarvis, 1922

Species Diphasia bipinnata Allman, 1885 (taxon inquirendum)

Species Diphasia robusta Fraser, 1943 (temporary name, invalid homonym of Diphasia attenuata var. robusta Billard, 1924)

Species Diphasia alternitheca Kudelin, 1914 accepted as Abietinaria alternitheca (Kudelin, 1914) (basionym)
Species Diphasia crassa Fraser, 1942 accepted as Synthecium crassum (Fraser, 1942) (basionym)
Species Diphasia derbeki Kudelin, 1913 accepted as Abietinaria derbeki (Kudelin, 1913) (genus transfer)
Species Diphasia elegans G. Sars, 1874 accepted as Diphasia margareta (Hassall, 1841) (synonym)
Species Diphasia fusca (Johnston, 1847) accepted as Abietinaria fusca (Johnston, 1847) (unaccepted combination)
Species Diphasia kincaidi Nutting, 1901 accepted as Abietinaria kincaidi (Nutting, 1901)
Species Diphasia mirabilis Verill, 1873 accepted as Sertularia mirabilis (Verrill, 1873) (basionym)
Species Diphasia pinaster sensu Hincks, 1868 accepted as Diphasia margareta (Hassall, 1841)
Species Diphasia pinastrum (Cuvier, 1830) accepted as Diphasia margareta (Hassall, 1841) (questionable synonym)
Species Diphasia pulchra Nutting, 1904 accepted as Abietinaria pulchra (Nutting, 1904)
Species Diphasia spasskii Fenyuk, 1947 accepted as Papilionella spasskii (Fenyuk, 1947) (genus transfer)
Species Diphasia wandeli Levinsen, 1893 accepted as Diphasia fallax (Johnston, 1847) (synonym)
marine, brackish, fresh, terrestrial
Agassiz, L. 1862a. Contributions to the natural history of the United States of America. Vol. IV. Little Brown, Boston, pp. 1-380, pls 1-19., available online at
page(s): 355 [details]   
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page(s): 355 [details]   

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original description  (ofDiphasiella Stechow, 1921) Stechow, E. (1921). Neue Ergebnisse auf dem Gebiete der Hydroidenforschung II. Münchener medizinischen Wochenschrift. 1921: 30.
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