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Caudri, C. M. B. (1996). The larger Foraminifera of Trinidad (West Indies). Eclogae Geologicae Helvetiae. 89: 1137-1309.
10.5169/seals-167940 [view]
Caudri, C. M. B.
The larger Foraminifera of Trinidad (West Indies).
Eclogae Geologicae Helvetiae
89: 1137-1309
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The present investigations are a follow up to Vaughan & Cole's Preliminary Report on the Cretaceous and Tertiary Larger Foraminifera of Trinidad, British West Indies. They are based on considerable additional faunal material and more advanced stratigraphic information for dating the investigated Cretaceous to Miocene sediments that contain larger foraminifera. Special attention is paid to the Late Eocene transgression in the San Fernando area where it took place in two phases, and to a transgressive interval (Marabella marl) between the Late Eocene and the Oligocene. So far this interval could not be recognized by means of planktic foraminifera but stands out clearly for its larger foraminifera. As such it is correctable over great distances in the Caribbean region. 24 localities that contain larger foraminifera are described. Their locations are shown on Figure 1. Special attention in the study of the Trinidad larger foraminifera was given to the San Fernando area (Fig. 2-4) which is of particular interest for the abundance of larger foraminifera and their detailed stratigraphic record. 120 taxa were investigated with their ranges shown on distribution charts (Fig. 5-7). They are illustrated on Plates 1-30. The following taxa are described as new: Operculina bontourensis, O. bontourensis var. ornata, Operculinoides ocalanus var. decoratus, O. suteri, Heterostegina indicata, Lepidocyclina (Polylepidina) nitida. L. yurnagunensis var. inflata, L. sanfernandensis var. depressata, L. asterocolumnata, Eoconuloides senni var. conicus, Helicolepidinoides intermedius, Amphistegina farallonensis.
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