Foraminifera note details

Haynes et al. (2010, p. 43): "Ranikothalia sahnii and savitriae were described by Davies in 1952 as a dimorphic pair, and, at the request of Professor Sahni, the name savitriae (in honour of his wife) was retained for this species by Haynes & Nwabufo-Ene (1988). Unfortunately, however, R. sahnii must be used instead. Haynes & Nwabufo-Ene were not the first reviewers, as a footnote in the Ellis & Messina Catalogue of Foraminifera, supplement for 1954, makes clear ‘the name R. savitriae is therefore to be suppressed as a synonym ( fide Davies, personal communication, September 1953)’."
Haynes, J.; Racey, A.; Whittaker, J. (2010). A revision of the Early Palaeogene nummulitids (Foraminifera) from northern Oman, with implications for their classification. In: Whittaker, J. E. & Hart, M. B. (eds). Micropaleontology, Sedimentary Environments and Stratigraphy: A Tribute to Dennis Curry (1912-2001). <em>The Micropalaeontological Society Special Publication.</em> 29-89. available online at Available for editors  PDF available [request]
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