Foraminifera note details

Taxonomic Remark
Beedeina and Parabeedeina may refelect a possible vicariance between two different lineages. Beedeina clearly evoluted from Fusulinella when it is less evident about Parabeedeina. Either Parabeedeina derivates from a Tethys and Ural Ocean lineage either Beedeina migrated from North America to Ural ocean shelves, probably via Canadian Arctic and North Greenland, and/or across Panthalassa (North American Exotic Terranes and Japanese Terranes), to the Tethys shelves, and the two genera might be considered as synonyms. Beedina is known to appear exactly at the base of the Desmoinesian of the U.S.A. (the base of which is probably located in the Podoskian Stage = early late Moscovian, of the Tethys and Ural oceans). In contrast, its disappearance is poorly known, but seems to be also located in the Desmoinesian, since, in our knowledge, Beedeina was never mentioned in the Missourian (U.S. regional equivalent of the Kasimovian = early late Pennsylvanian). Therefore Beedeina and Parabeedeina appear as being coeval in the late Moscovian (Podolskian+Myachkovian= Desmoinesian). Vachard (2018) pers. com.
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